Here's Why Multi Millionaires, Famous Influencers And Countless 6-Figure Entrepreneurs Have Hired Me As Their Performance Coach.

Watch below to discover how I helped the best of the best become the 0.1% of their industries by dailing in performance...

We've helped over 150+ entrepreneurs and creators get outstanding life & business results. Here's some of them.

"Guys like me, guys that are working with Eric, they're just going to come and decimate you. That's the truth. The difference is night and day between someone who is into this stuff and not."

Mitch Gonsalves

Founder -

"I started working with Eric back in February, and I had the biggest revenue month ever. And now, beginning of April I hit like $145.000 cash collected. He really changed my performance."

Quazi Johir

Founder -

"If you want to get to that next level, you need make next level decisions. And getting a performance coach is a next level decision. If you implement what Eric tells you, it's the perfect recipe for success."

Jared Curry

Founder - Scope Marketing & 6FA Elite

Roman went from $5k/m to $150k/m in around 8 months working together with us on his daily performance in life & business.

Roman Cauver

Business Consultant

Elia went from closing $20,000 to $74,000 in 30 days working together with us on his sleep, nutrition, habits & routines and how he shows up in life in general.

Elia Kaiser

CEO & Founder -

Kim went $0 to $100k in 6 months with a completely new business, working together with us on how he shows up in life to every situation. Personal life. Business. Everything.

Kim Blanc

Founder -

Stefan has worked with us for a longer period of time and is one of our first customers. We have stepped in and worked with his whole team too. Great results together.

Stefan Andjelovic

Founder -

Alen had an agency but lost passion for it. So together we developed the future and 90 days later he had a 6 figure business. We worked together on his performance, business and personal life.

Alen Fejzic


Theo is one of our early customers. When he jumped on, he had a $2k/m agency. About 90 days later, he was revving $23k/m. Together we worked on everything in his life. Hear what he has to say.

Theo Laville

Founder - Horus Marketing

Morten Gilje worked together with us on his performance and life in general. We manage to scale his agency past the $10k/m mark. Today he runs multiple businesses.

Morten Gilje

Founder - Funnel Media & Cool Commerce Group

Thijs started working with us in February of 2021 with the goal to perform better so that he can scale his agency. When joining, his agency was at €3k/m. In July, just a couple of months later - He had a €10k/m agency.

Thijs Jagtenberg

Founder - Paperclip Media

"This is a no-brainer. Can't recommend him enough. I know a lot in the space. I've looked at all of them. Haven't seen anybody like him." Qasim went from 3k/m to 75k/m together with us.

Qasim Ackrim

Founder - Nexus Media